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STEM with LM Goes Back to School

Oliver Scroop

September 21, 2020

School will likely look different for students this fall. Whether your kitchen has turned into a science lab for online learning or your children are attending in-person, wearing masks and sitting at desks six feet away from their classmates, everyone can agree that education has evolved to accommodate the global pandemic. No matter where class is in session — at home or in an actual classroom — the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Legacy Management (LM) has fresh resources to help students receive high-quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) instruction.

STEM with LM and DOE’s STEM Rising programs provide online resources for students who want to explore more. These resources are intended to spark student curiosity through educational videos and at-home experiments and inspire a life-long passion for STEM by connecting students with DOE scientists and engineers.

The STEM with LM webpage launched in March 2020 to support exploration of how LM uses STEM every day in the field and in the lab. Students can learn about how LM uses color to communicate safety and danger in the field with Yellow for Safety: The Science of Color. Or they can get their hands dirty by making their own DIY – Seed Ball to grow native plants in the garden. Find out what you can see and hear in the world around you with Fernald Preserve’s Wild at Home: Operation Wildlife Observation.

Need help writing a research paper? Want to speak with a technical expert? Ask one of LM’s world-class hydrologists, geologists, engineers, biologists, project managers, educators, and other professionals and learn more about how LM engages in boots-on-the-ground science and technological advancements for the protection of public health and the environment.

STEM Rising offers educational resources for students in kindergarten through high school, and for the teachers instructing them along the way. Energy Kids, a webpage for elementary school students, is full of riddles, puzzles, games, and activities about the process, study, and industry of energy in the United States. Middle school and high school students can meet the talented, innovative, and inspiring women who work in STEM fields at DOE with the STEM Rising Women @ Energy blog.

DOE is committed to supporting STEM education for students of all ages. STEM with LM and STEM Rising provide a national network of laboratories, resources, and industry professionals who are excited to develop the next generation of inventors, creators, researchers, and leaders.

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